Mimi & Munch was born out of pure love for man’s best friend. Roxy, Mia, Bambi and Munchie are the love of our lives and watching them grow up, we began to notice their reaction to certain pet foods and treats. Mia always had itchy skin, Bambi continuously licks her paws and Munchie struggles with his weight. After much research, we came to find that certain preservatives, additives and ingredients in dog treats cause sensitivity and are allergy inducers.

Struggling to find a suitable treat, the opportunity arose to research the best human-grade food sources that are the most nourishing for dogs in their purest forms. We began baking with ingredients that provide beneficial factors such as shiny coats, fresher breath, and healthy eyes, tummies and joints. Only premium brown rice and oats are used so that all the treats are wheat-free.

We were elated to find that our dogs loved them and when giving to friends and family as gifts to their dogs, not only did the parents have peace of mind when feeding the treat, but their dogs loved them too!


Mimi & Munch understands that treats don't only have to taste tail-waggingly good but they need to be packed with goodness and provide premium all-natural care too.

All our treats are wheat free (gluten free option is available). They are hypoallergenic using ingredients known not to cause common allergies. You can literally count the ingredients on one paw! We believe that fewer ingredients make better and healthier treats.

Each and every treat is pressed out by hand, made with so much love and the ingredients used are selected for their absolute freshness and uniqueness in terms of dog health properties. Filled with unique flavours with functional benefits!

Mimi & Munch also cater for those special occasions in your doggies’ life and create custom artisan treats and cakes that will guarantee lots of kisses!

Take a look at the ingredients we used and the benefits they have for your dog.

"Made with Passion, Love and Care"