Introducing Binky's Broth!

Marlee, my beautiful English Bulldog and I (Marlee's mom Mandi) have been on our journey for over 2 years together, from fun and games to many trips to the vet and doggie physio. 

Marlee? Binky? I know, but nicknames stick. 

Unfortunately, Binky fell ill with arthritis at an early age. This, coupled with a propensity for guttural issues (as well as pneumonia) left me, Mandi, scrambling to find a way to better her quality of living in any small way.

Fortunately, I found a big way. 

And so, after many trials, tribulations, and dirty doggie bowls, I found my answer (and, hopefully, yours too). 

Binky’s broth. 

All natural 100% organic beef bone marrow broth with added coconut oil just for dogs; and the benefits, well those are just exceptional. 

Benefits of Binky’s Broth include: 

  • Joint care - BIG one for Marlee and her arthritis 
  • Promotes gut health and digestion 
  • Keeps the liver healthy 
  • Aids when your dog is sick 
  • Shiny coat 

Even better the broth contains zero additives, preservatives and colourants - naturally woof approved. 

Binky Broth has now been added to an exciting new range of Mimi & Munch Organic Broth Woof treats. You can purchase yours for your furbaby here: 

Made with licks & love. Marlee and Mands. 

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