Introducing Bianca Abigail Promnitz- The African Dog Whisperer!

We are so excited to introduce to you our featured blog writer and wonderfully talented dog training specialist, Bianca. Bianca is a passionate Canine Trainer who specialises in one-on-one behaviour conditioning, which is a positive and focused experience. Bianca will be providing you with insightful blogs written about the psychology behind dog behaviour and we are so excited to share her amazing knowledge with you. Take a look at what Bees Walking Paws can offer you and your pets:

Now, over to you Bee!

Hi everpawdy! My name is Bianca and I specialise in Canine Conditioning, Behaviour and Psychology.

The topic of animals, specifically dogs, has been my passion from a young age, and before I can even remember! This desire has only become stronger with time.

All of my relationships with my dogs have greatly inspired me to pursue this career in Canine Education, and continue to keep on doing what I love!

After completing a BA degree in English, Communication and Psychology a couple years ago, I instead decided that Animal Communication and Psychology was the field I wanted to work in.

Since beginning my company, Bees Walking Paws, my knowledge and experience with dogs and their behavior training has only expanded and grown over the past three years.

Also, my natural talent in working with dogs has led to a broad client base with healthier and happier dogs, due to the information and knowledge I provide my clients with.

My aim is to change the relationship we have with our dogs for the better, and teach you as the owner, how to understand their communication and body language.

Not only is the world a better place because of our pets but also are our daily lives, they deserve to be understood completely and fulfilled as dogs.

Lots of woofs and wiggles! 

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